The members of the Department of Physics at IIT Palakkad work on multidisciplinary and contemporary topics covering experiments, theory, and computation in different directions.

Major Research Areas in the Department


Current focus
Nuclear astrophysics; stellar and galactic evolution; big bang nucleosynthesis

People working on these topics

Dr. Projjwal Banerjee

Experimental Biophysics

Current focus
Mechanosensing; physics of cancer

People working on these topics

Dr. Bibhu Ranjan Sarangi

Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Current focus
Design and synthesis of correlated electron materials; structural, magnetic, transport and thermodynamic measurements in extreme conditions; electrical- and magneto-transport studies in 2D materials and perovskites

People working on these topics

Jayakumar Balakrishnan, Soham Manni, Moumita Nandi

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Current focus
Exactly solvable quantum many-body models; strongly correlated electron systems; quantum spin liquids; topological phases; quantum phase transitions; non-equilibrium dynamics; disorder; quantum correlations

People working on these topics

Kusum Dhochak, Uma Divakaran, Amit Kumar Pal, Prithvi Narayan

High Energy Physics and String Theory

Current focus
Strongly coupled quantum field theories

People working on these topics

Prithvi Narayan

Soft Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics

Current focus
Metastable and out-of-equilibrium systems; phase behaviour of metastable liquids; rheology of dense disordered solids; complex fluids; membranes, polymer physics

People working on these topics

Vishwas V., Debarati Chatterje

Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Thermodynamics

Current focus
Entanglement theory; topological quantum error-correcting codes; quantum heat engines; small quantum thermal machines; quantum networks; quantum games; open quantum systems; quantum chaos

People working on these topics

Uma Divakaran, Amit Kumar Pal

Recent publications by the members of the Department

Bath Engineering Enhanced Quantum Critical Engines, Revathy B. S, Victor Mukherjee and Uma Divakaran, Entropy 24 (10), 1458 (2022)

Residual stress in athermal soft disordered solids: insights from microscopic and mesoscale models, Vishwas V. Vasisht, Pinaki Chaudhuri, and Kirsten Martens, Soft Matter 18, 6426-6436 (2022)

Sorting of proteins with shape and curvature anisotropy on a lipid bilayer tube, Pranav Vyas, P. B. Sunil Kumar, and Sovan Lal Das, Soft Matter 18, 1653-1665 (2022)

Active Remodeling of Chromatin and Implications for In Vivo Folding, Ramakrishnan Natesan, Kripa Gowrishankar, Lakshmi Kuttippurathu, P. B. Sunil Kumar, and Madan Rao, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 126, 100 (2022)

Collective motion of cells modeled as ring polymers, Haosheng Wen, Yu Zhu, Chenhui Peng, P. B. Sunil Kumar, and Mohamed Laradji, Soft Matter (2022)

Circulating genuine multiparty entanglement in a quantum network, Pritam Halder, Ratul Banerjee, Srijon Ghosh, Amit Kumar Pal, and Aditi Sen(De), Physical Review A 106, 032604 (2022)

Exactly solvable 1D quantum models with Gamma matrices, Yash Chugh, Kusum Dhochak, Uma Divakaran, Prithvi Narayan P, and Amit Kumar Pal, Physical Review E 106, 024114 (2022)

Distinguishing phases via non-Markovian dynamics of entanglement in topological quantum codes under parallel magnetic field, Harikrishnan K. J. and Amit Kumar Pal, Physical Review A 105, 052421 (2022)

Hierarchies of localizable entanglement due to spatial distribution of local noise, Ratul Banerjee, Amit Kumar Pal, and Aditi Sen(De), Physical Review Research 4, 023035 (2022)

Designing robust quantum refrigerators in disordered spin models, Tanoy Kanti Konar, Srijon Ghosh, Amit Kumar Pal, and Aditi Sen De, Physical Review A 105, 022214 (2022)

Investigating the thermal transport in gold decorated graphene by opto-thermal Raman technique, Ranjuna M K and Jayakumar Balakrishnan, Nanotechnology 33 (13) 135706 (2022)

Relaxation times do not capture logical qubit dynamics, Amit Kumar Pal, Philipp Schindler, Alexander Erhard, Ángel Rivas, Miguel-Angel Martin-Delgado, Rainer Blatt, Thomas Monz, and Markus Müller, Quantum 6, 632 (2022)

The production of actinides in neutron star mergers, M.- R. Wu and P. Banerjee, Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies Bulletin 32 (19) (2022)

Constraints on r-process nucleosynthesis from 129I and 247Cm in the early Solar system, P. Banerjee, M.- R. Wu, and Jeena S. K, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 512 (4) 4948 (2022)

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